My interest in Fossil's and minerals started when I was five years old and a holiday in Whitby, and has become a fairly serious study for the last 20 years.

 I have collected a wide range specimens some I have purchased and some I have prospected my self in various locality's. My exstensive search for a predatious dino on the I of W culminated in finding some bones from the type animal NEOVENATOR SALERII which are now displayed together with 80% of the NeoVenator fossil That has turned up over the last 25 years from the site. Steve Hutt, the island geologist, is the describer of the dino and is the one of the guys to see if you do have the luck of finding something unusual there, and you can be certain  any information will feed back to the scientific community and not disappear into some private collection.

The island is a really unusual place where I have found pieces of Iron Age pottery lying next to an Iguanadon rib bone and you can never tell what will turn up on the beach after a storm.

If you holiday on the island, a visit to the Sandown Museum or the  Dinosaur Farm near Brighstone is a must.They are some of the only credible places in which to have your finds identified, and if you find somthing important it could contribute to science as my find did.

Any questions you might have can be sent via email at my contacts page, however I do not reveal sites for love or money so please dont ask.


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